CRM system for access control


The ACS is a system of control and access control to the enterprise, which allows controlling the movement of employees, fixing the beginning and end of the working day, limiting and opening access to managers and visitors to individual premises. Thanks to the decision of MAGERP, namely CRM implemented for this system, you can perform all operations, keep track of time and manage access from a single interface.

Features of the MAGERP module

With the help of advanced settings, CRM owners for ACS will be able to control the entry of employees into the system and restrict access.

Goals and objectives of the access control system

Due to the fact that all data is collected with cameras, magnetic cards and turnstiles automatically fall into the CRM system, this module allows to solve the following tasks:

  • Control the beginning and end of each employee's workday. Since the company enters the company through magnetic cards, all information automatically enters the CRM system, where it is added to a single table.
  • Limit the entry of strangers into the company's office.
  • Control the movement of employees, namely, take into account how much time a person spends in a smoking room, canteen, etc.
  • Analyze the information collected regarding the length of the working day, the hours worked by each employee
  • Limit staff access to individual premises, warehouse, office, accounting.
    • Ensuring the complete safety of staff and visitors to the company
    • Control of movement around the office or company building.
    • Accounting staff time, which will correctly determine the performance of one or another employee
    • Ensuring the integrity of the company's material and information values.


      CRM system ACS consists of modules:


      Module ACS

      The ACS module is designed for monitoring and access, which provides security in your enterprise. After implementation, you will be able to fully control the movement of employees and visitors, control access to individual premises, record the working time of each employee


      Module clients

      The module allows you to maintain a single base, create quick deals, a funnel designer for transactions will increase sales and control, a quick ring will speed up the work of managers


      Task module

      The task module is designed to help you accomplish the most things. The module makes it possible to control the execution of a large number of tasks. The calendar


      Module for mail

      To CRM-ERP, you can connect any number of mail accounts with division by department, in any department you can connect any number of boxes. All correspondence with the client.


      Distribution module

      Module for full-fledged sms and email marketing. For distribution, you can create your own letter templates, subscriber groups, mailing list scheduler, Exclusion from the mailing list at the address or domain.


      Knowledge Base Module

      The database for storing files and photos, the Test Designer gives you the opportunity to create your own tests and text and pictures for testing the staff. Tests can be sent


      Module reports

      In the CRM-ERP system there is a set of reports, for each configuration and module. The KPI report will help monitor the funnels of transactions and customers, will show the effectiveness of each employee

      To fully automate business processes, control sales and increase potential traffic to the site, connect additional modules to your account.


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