Module marketing

Module marketing

Back call

Place a callback form on all your sites

This function allows you to call back the client in 30 seconds, the internal number of the manager assigned to this form will call the manager and the client & nbsp;

You can create any number of feedback forms and place them on any number of sites on any CMS

Universal feedback form

All calls through the feedback form will immediately get into the crm system, into the database of clients with all the fields filled in.

The CRM system checks the data, and if the new client creates a new client.

Each application can be assigned a responsible

All requests in one interface



For convenience of working with incoming calls, you can use # tiggers.

You can immediately for each line, put the source and add a tag that will be displayed in the customer database (for example, a particular service advertised on this phone) ;

Then when you add new clients to the accounts you will already have # tag and source .

Free implementation of CRM-ERP system and 30 days as a gift

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