CRM for beauty salon


Your main advantage is regular customers

Knowing the needs of your customers and correctly using the Magerp CRM system - you easily turn your customers into permanent ones.

This configuration of CRM Magerp is suitable for owners of beauty salons. The functionality of the CRM system allows you to maintain a database of customers and simultaneously have access to entries for reception from your employees. For this purpose, a universal calendar of reception entries was developed. Your administrator will always and quickly have information about the ability to write a client to one or another master. The main access to the Internet, as the CRM system works in any browser, at least on a PC, even on a smartphone.

Full control with CRM system for beauty salons

All the information about the client at your fingertips, his preferences in the means of care, the history of visiting and rendered services, medical contra-indications and the like. Make all the important data on the customer's card and any employee of your company will have full information about the customer.

Use customer data to increase its loyalty to you. Congratulations on your birthday, report new promotions, procedures, discounts.

Be always in touch and do not miss calls. In the CRM system, Magerp has the ability to connect IP telephony. All calls are recorded in the CRM and you are always aware of all missed calls.

Remind your special offers with SMS-mailing, which is also implemented in the CRM system Magerp. Create a reminder for the customer and he will receive an SMS notification that it's time to visit your showroom.

Benefit from crm for beauty salon

1 Control and additional source of sales, free newsletters
2 Comfortable calendar by the masters of the salon.
- Ability to add a wizard with its schedule.
- SMS notification one hour before admission.
3 Simple and clear customer base
4 Traffic source control (remote business control)


Applications and calls from all sites in a single system
Savings on phone calls and sms

How to implement CRM for beauty salon

1 fill out the brief for implementation
2 you need to configure the customer base (add a funnel of customers, sales sources, etc.)
3 you need to configure the client card (add all necessary fields to it) to select which fields are important when adding a new client.
4 Configure the wizard calendar

We recommend that you also use crm for beauty salons.

Telephony - properly configured telephony, saves up to 70% of costs. All calls will be recorded and saved in the customer's card, Call Tracking, connection of Call-Back to the site.

Connection to sites - you can connect feedback forms from all sites to accept applications in CRM.

Mail and mailings - you can connect all the mailboxes of the company, then the correspondence with the client will be stored in the customer's card.

The newsletter will allow you to send out commercial offers from CRM.

Primary accounting. Configure transactions - add funnel transactions (for example, breakdown of services) types of transactions (services). Set up one-time and periodic payments.


Возможности модуля бронирования

A universal booking module that is suitable for registering customers by appointment.

This module is suitable for subjects

1 Beauty Salons

2 Medicine

3 hotels

4 Barbershop

5 service stations

a booking module that allows you to keep a single calendar of the recording with a division by the masters and their time.

The module can alert the customer by SMS with an alert one hour before the reception.

There is an opportunity to refine the module for the specifics and tasks of your business.

crm для бронирования

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