Implementation of crm systems


CRM introduction

MAGERP CRM is a system, the introduction of which is easy and fast. It can be implemented by an ordinary computer user. Thanks to the detailed Wiki manual for each module, video guidance for quick regulations, as well as comments, it's possible to engage your team in CRM for several hours.



And in order for everything to work as coordinated clockwork, our team offers:

  • Individual attention to the Client, including coming to your Company and assisting in drafting a technical assignment taking into account all twists and turns of business processes.
  • Accurate system setting, taking into account your wishes and requirements.
  • Maximum automation of processes, beginning with sales and ending with warehousing and production.
  • Consolidation of all programs (telephony, landings, sites, 1C, etc.) into a single interface.
  • Demonstration of an adapted solution and execution of test cases with your employees.

If at some stage of introduction or configuration of MAGERP CRM your employees have difficulties, just contact your manager by phone or email.


Integrating with the CRM of your business, we are guided by the following principles:

  • Analysis of the business specifics and search for optimal solutions. MAGERP CRM is a multi-functional e-commerce platform with a lot of tools for daily work of various departments. The CRM system introduction held by our employees means full adaptation of the platform to the tasks of your business.
  • Simplicity and accessibility. The CRM modules with simple and extremely clear interface promote easy training of employees, which is extremely important for the rapid introduction and effective system operation.
  • Standardization and automation of business processes. For certain objective reasons, many processes are constantly changing, herewith due to the high dynamics, the expended forces and time for their improvement do not pay off. Right now, automation is the most reasonable solution.
  • Customer support. We not only train personnel to work with software, but also give recommendations and provide full support both at the introduction stage and at the stage of operating CRM.

MAGERP CRM is not only a program, but also a comprehensive support of experienced specialists, who are ready at any moment to help you to systematize and optimize tasks, and also to compensate for the lack of knowledge of technologies and solutions to current problems.

Free implementation of CRM-ERP system and 30 days as a gift

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