Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

The modern software market is literally full of all sorts of tools that allow solving a huge range of tasks. But, since each business is unique, quite often standard programs for wide application are not able to solve highly specialized tasks. In view of this, CRM MAGERP offers the development of customized solutions for many areas of activity, from banking, pharmaceutical, educational and ending with the fields of logistics, insurance and real estate.

Our capabilities in the field of software development

Extensive tools of technology, many years of experience and high professionalism of our specialists allow us to satisfy the most complex needs of our Clients, from the creation of daily programs and ending with mission-critical. At the moment we can offer the development of:

  • analytical, statistical, monitoring systems and registers;
  • network information processing systems;
  • web-oriented systems;
  • systems for performing business analysis;
  • information exchange systems and information corporate portals;
  • programs for mobile devices running under the operating systems of IOS, Android and Windows Mobile;
  • Systems support electronic document management.
  • Writing programs is possible under the Linux, Windows, Android, OIS platforms, as well as under cross platform solutions.

The custom-built software will automate the necessary business processes and give the performance of secondary tasks of the company's activities to the outsourcing of CRM MAGERP.

Stages of software development

In order for the Customer to receive the software product that is 100% consistent with its tasks, the creation of software by CRM MAGERP goes through several stages:

  • Collection of customer requirements;
  • Planning resources for project implementation;
  • Writing the most accurate technical assignment and agreeing it with the customer;
  • System design;
  • Development and writing of the program;
  • Testing the product;
  • Implementation, documentation and training of employees;
  • Maintenance and development of software at all its stages.
  • Why you should order software development from us

The writing of individual programs by CRM MAGERP has several advantages:

Only high-qualified specialists with many years of experience work on the creation of the software, which means that the quality of the work is not in doubt.
During development, customers receive periodic reports.
Even at the development stage, customers are given access to software versions.
Under the creation of any project, the company selects only those specialists who possess the required qualifications.
The client is granted access to quality control systems.
In order for our cooperation to be mutually beneficial and productive, we offer several payment schemes for new software and delivery to customers. Our proposals will allow you to select the optimal scheme for writing individual programs, with a fixed budget and clear deadlines for delivery, and for dynamically developing projects, where a constant reaction to rapidly changing requirements is necessary.

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