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MAGERP CRM is a multi-level, friendly and self-explanatory e-commerce platform with many useful tools for sales office, marketing consultants and managers. The experts of our company have developed various system modules that line up with tasks of various business sectors. If you haven’t found the required services, we will be happy to develop it for you, and if it is necessary we will also help you to compile a technical enquiry.
By now, on the base of a unified platform, you can adjust a website or an online shop in just a few clicks, also you can set your personal CRM system configuration and easily control tasks execution. MAGERP CRM can be integrated with several web-sites, including and

There are two types of CRM MAGERP:

Cloud-based CRM Online version


1Access from any device with internet access
2 Regular modernization and updates.
3 Cheaper adaptation of CRM
4 The cloud-based software is much reliable than the server one

* lifetime guarantee

Server version of CRM

Advantages and disadvantages:

1 You get a system with adjustments according to your business
2 Modern web-site
3 No restrictions on users number
4 Adaptation of CRM is more expensive

* 12 months guarantee

ERP designer for business process automation

Crm client base

Client base

The MAGERP CRM client module has advanced options. Depending on the tasks, the user can adjust only the necessary shortcuts and boxes, rename the list or diagram, add or remove certain data. Additionally, the customer database provides the following options:
• Graduation of customer cards and tasks. In order to do this there are filters and tagging are implemented.
• Creation of a personal account for client to keep all necessary information, such as: personal data, joint tasks, transactions and so on.
• Access to the entire records of work with each client: calls, correspondence, history of calls and purchases.
It is possible to import the already available information about contacts into the ready-made CRM customer database for a few minutes.


Convenient division of transactions in MAGERP CRM into four types: permanent, potential, closed and single transactions. It allows to create and perform in fixed terms different tasks. They can be synchronized with 1C and any other accounting program.
In such a manner, the team of your company will be able to screen over already closed transactions with customers and receive information about the planned transactions right in time. The leadership of the company will be able to control online the work process of the departments.

Sales funnel

The ability to assign different statuses to tasks and clients is implemented in MAGERP CRM. You can set for yourself a most convenient levels of purchase funnels in order to monitor the work of managers and effectively interact with customers.

Tasks and reminders

Tasks module - another necessary and convenient tool to control tasks fulfilment which is performed by managers on different projects. Tasks can be set for all employees of the company, and for certain managers.
This module contains next features:
• Convenient task calendar;
• Task delegation to different managers or team;
• Ready templates;
• Creation of projects that allow to control the deadlines, stay up to date with task fulfilment, advise and respond on different changes.
• Reports for managers and other employees.

Primary Accounting

MAGERP CRM has a major accounting system for elementary accounting. There is a convenient interface-register of calculations within the framework of the system, which provides following opportunities:
• Create unlimited number of accounts and enterprises with the company details for cash and non-cash payments, credit cards and E-currency.
• Use the details from the register to automate the process of creating documents, for example, commercial offers, contracts, accounts, acts.
• Promptly issue acts and invoices, automatically send documents by e-mail, without using additional e-mail software.
• Create periodic acts and accounts, whereby automating and simplifying this process.
• Send ready-made documents from the CRM phone to the client without additional applications.
• In case of necessity you can store all documents in one system.

Integrated warehouse in crm

CRM MAGERP has integrated warehouse accounting program that can be connected to any CMS, any number of web-sites and API accounting software.
By using the integrated price list aggregator, the company will be able to create its own price list with virtual stock on hand in different warehouses. With the help of the import it is possible not just to compare by the article the stock on hand balances, but also to set the best price in the product card and analyze the lowest prices from the suppliers. In addition, you can download products to the web-site automatically and with the necessary extra charge.
With the help of an integrated warehouse system with CRM, the companies will be able to:
• Create an unlimited number of templates for importing price lists.
• Synchronize the product range in the warehouse with popular web-sites such as and hotline. This allows you to make the output of the product very accurate, and corresponding to the hierarchy of products which operates in the system.
• Create extended product cards, which will display not just warehouse information and stock on hand balance, but also a description with photos, texts, with optimization like in the online shop.
Since the text editor is implemented in the administration panel, the work on the uniquelization and update of product cards will become easier and faster.

E commerce, Online store in CRM

E-commerce is a completely new and unique approach to the CRM system. You do not need to develop a web-site, our solution allows you to create a new web-site with a couple of clicks on the basis of the product line in the warehouse, just registering the web-site address and creating a full-fledged online store, a promo website, a lending or a catalog of products.
Thanks to this module, you will be able to create a mobile and adaptive website that will be completely ready for absolutely all types of Internet advertising that meet the requirements of Google search engines, etc.
There is an online shop in the CRM system and many other advantages:
• Easy content management in the CRM system.
• The ability to bring your web-site from the CRM system to your own server.
• A large number of templates with the ability to edit.
• Automatic fixing in the CRM system of requests from the site and orders.
• Notify the manager of the online shop by phone or e-mail about new orders and requests.
• Ability to connect an unlimited number of web-sites to the CRM system.

Email and sms mailing

The mailing module, which is implemented on the basis of MAGERP CRM, allows you to save time and simplify the process of client interaction. Within the program it is possible to create an unlimited number of templates of commercial offers and letters. In order to send the letter you need just to select the recipient's box in the customer module and make one click with the mouse.

A report is generated for each template with the information to whom and how many times the letter was sent for the convenience of mailing. And in order not to send the same letter several times to one recipient, you can put a ban and limit the number of allowed sendings.
There are next options are available within the mailing module:
• E-mail marketing (e-mail and SMS mailing) which will simplify the work with a large base of customers and subscribers.
• Convenient mailing scheduler.
• Grabber of email addresses which you can use to pick addresses of potential customers from online directories.
• Subscriber database.
• The company database module. You can download into this module your own email databases and conveniently filter it according to the directions and regions.
• Tools and recommendations for adjustment of your own mail address to keep your company's mail safe from Spam and came to the addressee.
• Analytics and reporting for more efficient mailing.


Knowledge base

Knowledgebase is a module that is extremely necessary for creating an internal knowledge base for training and testing employees. You can create it yourself by adding your own texts and instructions.

Testing - questions and answers within the tests can be created not only in text format, but also with the necessary diagrams and pictures.

Модуль HR

Group employees by department with quick access to the employee's card.

If a company needs new employees, then crm can be connected to aggregators like and to automatically collect summaries

Service Desk

Service Desk within the framework of MAGERP CRM is own mail program, with the ability to connect an unlimited number of mail addresses. You can distribute incoming e-mail to departments, sort by customers, keep correspondence with customers, and answer directly from the CRM system.

A system of tickets and auto-responses for the department is implemented. Managers of service companies with the help of this opportunity will be able to monitor the process of visits of employees to customers, monitor correspondence.


Module ATS, ip telephony

Thanks to the fact that CRM MAGERP has its own platform on E-Asterix, we can provide our customers with a fully-fledged automatic telephone station for rent. VoIP telephony will not only save up to 70% of office expenses on telephone communication, but will also provide many other opportunities:
• Communicate free of charge within the office;
• Connect operators from different countries to one system;
• Record all calls automatically in the automatic mode and, if necessary, listen to them;
• Set the voice greeting instead of the usual ring tone;
• Make calls from the CRM system or any smartphone with Internet access;
• Customize the co-tracking;
• Enter telephone numbers in the customer database.
• Analytics
You do not need to buy expensive equipment. At the same time, our company provides support and service.


MAGERP CRM has its own chat room for internal use. It unites all users of the system and allows you to send messages to the participants directly to the email and phone. In addition, within the framework of the chat, it is possible to exchange files and make the work of the department or company more efficient and quick.

Reports for the manager

In order to achieve effective control of the work of the company, in the CRM system you can build reports on different drop-down lists and according to certain parameters. This module contains:
• Sales funnel;
• Reports on clients;
• Geolocations of employees;
• Report on the transactions and balance of the company;
• Financial reports;
• KPI reports;
• ACS presence of employees at work;
• Mobile-friendly.
Based on the CRM data in the system, you can amend reports of any complexity.

Module SEO

MAGERP CRM contains many useful marketing tools for working with projects:
• Selection of enquiries and compilation of the semantic core of the web-site;
• Control of the relevance of the page in the TOP issuance for certain search enquiries;
• Study of website promotion dynamics;
• Site audit, namely, checking the site for broken links, with the transition to the pages where they are registered. It checks the speed of page loading, and its optimization;
• Audit any site for optimization and errors;
• Short links;
• The most detailed analytics and etc.
Site status reports can be automatically uploaded to the EXEL table. In addition, MAGERP CRM can be connected to any service, for example

Sync with any cms

Due to the fact that MAGERP CRM has its own API, it can be connected to any CMS. By such manners, you will be able to connect to an unified system unlimited number of web-sites, and receive requests from them into a single database.


MAGERP CRM is a system that is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week anywhere in the world where Internet is available. It has an adaptive design, and only classical programming languages (PHP, MySQL, jquery, Ajax) are used in development, without framework. 


The company MAGERP provides a guarantee for the CRM system, performed by requirements list. But, the guarantee extends only to those cases when the third party did not interfere into the code of the program.
If the CRM system is in our cloud, on our servers, or is in our service, MAGERP provides a lifetime guaranty, namely for the entire period of cooperation, as well as all system updates you get for free.

Free implementation of CRM-ERP system and 30 days as a gift

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