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Authorization in CRM-ERP Magerp


 CRM system for customer accounting: Customer database

The universal crm configuration is suitable for all types of sales. CRM-ERP is maximally available and easy to manage.

Demo access:
Login: Demo-Customer-base-manager
Password: !123123!

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 Ready-made website or online store for rent

Website builder in CRM-ERP, creates an online store in a couple of clicks. Connection to any marketplace, warehouses and services.

Demo access:
Login: e-commerce-manager
Password: !123123!

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 eb-based tools for site improvement

set for marketers and webmasters, will help to make the transfer of optimization to a new site without data loss.

Demo access:
Login: webtools-company
Password: !123123!

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How We Work

1 At this stage you are introduced to the Demo account and determined with the functionality that you need.

2 To get the basic configuration of your account, for 30 days for FREE, email us a query.

3 After you have tried the CRM-ERP system in operation, received advice and recommendations, you fill in the BRIF, and we compile a CR on the implementation of the CRM system for your business.

4 We sign the contract for 6 months, you pay, and we start to implement.

5 We create an account for you with additional modules and settings, if necessary, add something and add it.

6 The implementation is. The implementation process takes up to 2. As a result, you pay only for the real time of using the CRM system, and not for the time of adjustment and adaptation.


Use the demo access to get acquainted with the crm-erm system, after acquaintance, fill in the briefing by answering the leading questions, then we will set up the system for your business and hold a presentation for you at a time convenient for you.

When choosing the CRM-ERP & nbsp; system configuration, remember that you can always add modules from other configurations to your account, and if you do not have enough of it in the program, we can add any wishes.

You can try the demo version ready CRM configurations make changes to them, configure the CRM system for your business and use this configuration for 30 days for free.

You can order a consultation and setting up an account for your business, so that you can test the crm system within the 30 days for free.

ALL of your settings that you make are saved in the current 30 days, which gives you the ability to run crm in the company and test it for free. You get a completely finished product.

If you need economical telephony, we will set up a virtual account for you.

Brief for the introduction or development of CRM-ERP systems

Please fill in the brief for the CRM configuration that suits you best, our experts will configure the maximum system for your business, if necessary our programmers will complete the CRM for your requirements.


Documentation for CRM-ERP Magerp

CRM system Magerp, very easy to manage and configure. If you wish, you can change the configuration settings yourself. If you do not want to delve into the subtleties of the crm settings, you can order from us the implementation.

Free implementation of CRM-ERP system and 30 days as a gift

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