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crm for one hundred

CRM system for the SRT, will help you to set up a relationship with the client and increase your repeated and additional sales, since you will not forget to call the customer back and remind him that he has TO a few days later. The entire history of communication with the client is stored in the customer's

CRM for beauty salon

CRM system for sales of customer base

The universal crm configuration is suitable for all types of sales. Magerp CRM for sale is the most accessible and easy-to-manage system that contains all the most necessary tools for business. Now you can automate all processes, working in a single interface and giving up unnecessary programs Magerp

CRM system for online store

CRM call center system

Optimize the work with outgoing data and incoming calls, effectively manage the knowledge base and analyze the work of the call center on key indicators - all this can be achieved using MAGERP CRM for PBX. The software package allows to maximally automate the work with clients, minimize the human factor

CRM for primary accounting

CRM system for warehouse accounting

CRM system for document management

MAGERP has developed a CRM system module that will help to systematize incoming and outgoing correspondence and automate the work with letters, requests and requests. This configuration will be the optimal solution for administrative institutions and organizations, where the "exchange" of documents is

CRM system for tourism

CRM system for a real estate

CRM system for logistics

CRM system for access control

The access control system is a system for controlling and controlling access to the enterprise, which allows controlling the movement of employees, fixing the beginning and end of the working day, limiting and opening access to managers and visitors to individual premises. Thanks to the decision of MAGERP,

CRM system for lawyers and lawyers

CRM system for car taxi park and one hundred

CRM system for HR recruitment

MAGERP CRM for HR is a convenient and flexible customizable full task cycle system that allows you to automate more routine operations in recruiting. Thanks to the capabilities of the module, you will be able to select personnel for a large number of parameters, interact online with job seekers and employers

CRM system for the marketer

A set of tools for webmasters and marketers, Detailed audit of the site with the ability to transfer all links and meta tags to your project, Selection of word searches with the ability to transfer query groups to the semantics of the project, Semantics - in this module you can see what request the page

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