CRM system for warehouse accounting


MAGERP offers its customers the CRM module for warehouse, which is a high-capacity tool in working with a large number of products and online stores. Thanks to this configuration, you can automate the process of warehouse management, efficiently keep records of debit and credit, import price-lists and tabulate all the data.


The program we offer for stock accounting makes it possible to make own warehouse absolutely transparent without much efforts. Thanks to a single data system, you’ll be able to quickly receive the following information about stocks:

  • Type and name of the product;
  • Quantity of products;
  • Date of delivery;
  • Shelf life;
  • Quantity of illiquid products;
  • Real residue;
  • Product movement

It is possible to adjust stock accounting that will help to determine the product turnover according to various criteria, and, accordingly, quickly make a sales analysis. In addition, CRM owners for the warehouse can receive regular reports on the product movement; make timely order for the missing products from suppliers, thereby saving time and money.


There is a ready-made online store in CRM for stock, to work with which you only need to download your own price-list and register a domain in a e-commerce section. This module can work with such popular platforms as and But the main feature of the configuration is the ability to import any products and whole categories from

Data import in the module MAGERP CRM for warehouse registration is a real aggregator of price lists. You can customize the program for any supplier by making an individual template and at the same time downloading an unlimited number of price-lists. The similar function will also allow you to:

  • Determine your own price markup in percentage before product import. As a result, the product will be on the site with the price you’ve already set.
  • Create templates of price-list import with the current price and balances that will let you save time within this procedure in the future.
  • Quickly and efficiently download an unlimited number of price-lists and update prices.
  • Import and optimize all product data without the need to enter it manually (photo, url, code, category and subcategory, name, description, manufacturer and even barcode).
  • Create your own reference price.
  • Search for products by category.

Optimization of stock accounting and automation of all processes in the online store will increase the mobility of your company. You can efficiently unload products on the site, quickly accept applications, issue and send orders, keep records of debit and credit, create a unified database of customers. And all this will work in a unified system, without installing additional programs and drawing unnecessary tables and graphs.


CRM система для складского учета состоит из модулей:


Модуль складского учета

Модуль склад можно подключить с реальными или виртуальными остатками к любыми складским и маркетинговыми программами, к любому количеству интернет магазинов и маркетплейсов


Module clients

The module allows you to maintain a single base, create quick deals, a funnel designer for transactions will increase sales and control, a quick ring will speed up the work of managers


Task module

The task module is designed to help you accomplish the most things. The module makes it possible to control the execution of a large number of tasks. The calendar


Module for mail

To CRM-ERP, you can connect any number of mail accounts with division by department, in any department you can connect any number of boxes. All correspondence with the client.


Distribution module

Module for full-fledged sms and email marketing. For distribution, you can create your own letter templates, subscriber groups, mailing list scheduler, Exclusion from the mailing list at the address or domain.


Knowledge Base Module

The database for storing files and photos, the Test Designer gives you the opportunity to create your own tests and text and pictures for testing the staff. Tests can be sent


Module reports

In the CRM-ERP system there is a set of reports, for each configuration and module. The KPI report will help monitor the funnels of transactions and customers, will show the effectiveness of each employee

To fully automate business processes, control sales and increase potential traffic to the site, connect additional modules to your account.



The capabilities of the inventory accounting module

Own Internet warehouse with an intuitive interface, the program is designed to automate warehouse operations and account balances in the warehouse at all stages from posting to shipping products to the customer.

You can create a virtual warehouse with virtual balances linked to suppliers.

The possibility of linking the warehouse sites, 1C 8 UTP and UT configuration (with any 1C in which the service has the item "data exchange with the website" or with any other warehouse program that has the ability to connect.

Nomenclature of the entire product with a quick search



Universal import with customizable templates, sheet price aggregator will help you create your own unique nomenclature, import goods and remainders of suppliers.

Import is done using an XLS file.

The system can compare the prices of the suppliers at the time of import and display the lowest price in the price list, and, at the time of import, you can make a fixed mark-up in percentage.

To fully automate the warehouse we can write for your business robots for filling products with descriptions, parsing prices, automatic availability control.



In this module you can do, Shipments, Receipts, Withdrawals, based on the shipment, you can generate invoice.



You can download the entire stock list with the remains and description.

For additional attraction of clients use additional Internet platforms (marketplace). To do this, create accounts on the sites of and Hot-line and connect the warehouse to them. All categories and goods will be displayed according to the hierarchy of goods in the warehouse. The presence and the rest of the goods are displayed automatically. The synchronization frequency is set individually.

The warehouse can be connected to any number of sites, landings and online stores.


Possibilities of module primary accounting


This module is perfect for conducting primary accounting of medium and small businesses, for PP and SAP.

If necessary, you can connect crm system to the customer bank, make one or two-way communication with 1c 8 or any other warehouse or accounting program that has the ability to connect.

  •     Register of accounts - Invoices, acts, sending documents to the client's mail
  •     Periodic bills and acts - control of periodic bills, with automatic sending of bills and acts
  •     Any number of enterprises you and customers have that could have a machine gun
  •     Cashbox
  •     Check register


    Transaction Report
    Report on contracts
    Report on articles
    Supplier Report

If you tell which report is needed additionally, we will develop it based on the data in CRM.


Возможности модуля HR

The HR module will help you automate most of the routine operations of a recruiting agency and a human resources department. On the basis of the system, a single database of applicants is implemented, the ability to automatically select vacancies, change statuses and manage staff

Grouping of employees by department with quick access to the employee's card.
In the card you can enter information:

  •      general information
  •      Working Information
  •      VOIP settings
  •      Personal Information
  •      Education
  •      Reconciliation
  •      Registration
  •      Charges

If the company needs new employees, then crm can be connected to aggregators like and to automatically collect the resume.


Module Features

A convenient database of clients with customizable fields. If crm does not have the fields you need, dropdown lists or statuses, you can add them to the view settings and directories, or rename existing ones. Next on all lists, you can build reports.


Database of clients


Universal import

Importing any data from any system in CRM MAGERP is done very simply, after you configure the view of the client database, do the export from the client database. Adjust the columns of your database to this template and with the help of universal import you can import any data into the fields and lists you need.



Rapidly ringing

Quick access to the customer card, very convenient function for quick calls and quick access to customer data. You get access to the data without reloading the pages with the ability to change data, send an offer, put a task or create a deal




For the convenience of sorting, we have developed customer tagging, tags will help to introduce an additional order in the clients, it is very convenient to use for mailing or dividing customers by some types


Sending sms and e-mail

Sending directly from the client database, you can pre-create email templates and send them. In sms you can specify your unique signature



Funnel of customers

Customizable sales funnel with the ability to filter by status, date, department and employees




For the sale of services under the contract or just one-time transactions, in crm for the convenience of work, automatic formation of contracts, commercial offers, making periodic transactions is realized. To transactions you can add tasks, generate invoices and acts, with sending to the client by email. The deals have a function of projects, this is implemented to control the execution of tasks, it is well suited for developers where to perform a transaction you need to perform a number of tasks with different deadlines. In projects, you can create a link for the client, where he can monitor the execution of tasks with the ability to comment. All projects are displayed in a separate report, All history of the client transactions are displayed in a separate tab, in the customer card



Dashboard for the client

For the convenience of working with partners and customers to organize access to their customer card, you can, with the help of a personal cabinet, in the office, you can restrict access to client card tabs through setting the view

Demo cabinet:
Login: demo-kabinet
Password: demo



Map + GPS online

The output of all clients on the map, which can be displayed in any web interface.

Track the online location of couriers, drivers, managers



Free implementation of CRM-ERP system and 30 days as a gift

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