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Actually functional and qualitative CRM system should be engaged within a single data field and be well integrated. It is for this reason the MAGERP CRM has its own API interface, which makes it possible to effectively and easily integrate the system with "1C", telephony, websites and online stores, warehouse and marketing programs.

API is a programming interface that allows you to create and manage various data in the CRM system with the help of one application. If you want to get many business-friendly features, it's enough once to set up data exchange via API, and the CRM system will be synchronized itself with corporate programs and applications. A the same time employees of the company will no longer have to constantly transfer information and perform other routine work.


With the help of API the CRM system can be integrated with:

  • Mail and telephony, that will provide you with capability to promptly handle customer requests;
  • Company’s web-site or online store and easily manage content, update stock and take orders;
  • Warehouse programs to track the remainders and rapid stock replenishment;
  • Marketing programs, such as Google Analytics;
  • Program "1C", in order to promptly transmit data;
  • Other software of the company.


You can integrate the MAGERP CRM with various corporate software by  automating any business processes. In addition, there are no restrictions on the quantity.

Employees of the company, who have already worked with the API and have any programming experience, will be able to customize the synchronization on their on. If this functionality is new for you, the MAGERP employees will carry out any operations for you.

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