Basic modules of the CRM-ERP system


Module booking

Module capabilities of the clients

Task module capabilities

Trade and online store

Online shop and advanced orders with a funnel of sales and segmentation of sales sources, an online store is created on the basis of a warehouse CRM-ERP, it can be used as a store or as a price with a basket. Orders can be connected to any number of online stores and traded from one warehouse. Opencart

Module ATS

Module warehouse

Модуль для турфирмы

With the CRM-ERP system for tourism, customer service will become easy. The solution, adapted to the tasks of your business, will automate the work of managers, maintain a unified database, and carry out an operational dispatch. All this will increase the mobility of the business and will attract new

Модуль для сто

The module for lawyers

Module for Scud

Module for workflow

Features of the mail module

Module for realtor

Module features reports

In the CRM-ERP system there is a set of reports, for each configuration and module. The KPI report will help you monitor the funnels of transactions and customers, will show the effectiveness of each employee in the context of any time intervals. If you need your report, we add anything based on the

Features of the module for distribution

Primary accounting

Any number of companies with your and the customer's side. Convenient register of accounts and cash. Accounts and certificates are sent from CRMERP without additional programs. To conduct operational, tax and accounting - all this is simple with a module for accounting. Based on the transactions, the

Module HR

Module marketing

Module for logistics

Web Tools

Features of the configuration module

Module knowledge base capabilities

The database for storing files and photos, the Test Designer gives you the opportunity to create your own tests and text and pictures for testing the staff. Tests can be sent by email or posted on the site. Solution for staff training. Text editor. Notify employees of changes in documentation. Restricting

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Модуль GPS

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