Module ATS

PBX and IP telephony capabilities

Your own cloud ATS will allow you to save up to 70% on phone calls.

CRM system can be connected to third-party operators providing IP telephony, for example, without additional costs, without buying additional equipment. You can configure multichannel telephony for a small or large office with Ukrtelecom or Intertelecom; in crm there is already a ready API connection to Binotel or Oktel

Each client can be assigned to a manager and updated so that if a call comes in and the client has a manager, the manager phone immediately rings

The entire history of calls is stored in the customer card in a separate CALL tab and in the logs, you can listen or download calls at any time

When an incoming call occurs, crm looks if there is this number in the clients, then its name will be tightened, if not, you can add the phone to an existing client or create a new one.

Quick search by phone.

    Logs of calls - will allow to control all incoming and outgoing calls, you will no longer have lost calls and calls.
    Call tracking - report on the efficiency of telephone lines.
    Call analytics

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