Web Tools


A set of web tools to improve the quality of the site in search engines.

This set of modules will help you to analyze in detail the sites of your competitors and make search optimization on your site better.

At this stage of the site of the building a new era of very fast and useful sites and if you have an old site, there are no AMP technologies and to implement them is difficult and expensive, then you should think about changing the site engine. Since the search engines have become smarter, they have AI with neural networks and it successfully learns because they constantly drive new algorithms to throw out all the old sites at the very end of the search. The last time hacking tricks such as hacking the site for spam mailing or DDOS. All this is from some of the old site engines, which have not been updated for a long time and are becoming more and more vulnerable.

To solve the problem with the engine, our CRM-ERP system can make online stores based on the CRM warehouse

Web tools to increase sales
To increase sales on the Internet, the engine developed by us can be connected to any marketplace, suppliers and databases. Update products, balances and prices in automatic mode.

Learn more about the site of competitors and collect marketing semantics for all pages of your site. Make your site faster and better quality and you will definitely improve the site's position, increase targeted traffic, and there will be a chance to bypass competitors.

Let's say that you invest a lot of money in advertising and a site, but there is no result, or you have the top 10 in Google, but there are no calls and no sales, and all the phones are broken by the competitors)

Then you need to check your site for technical condition, and at the same time check a couple of the main competitors.

What can web tools and what are they for?
For example, it's time to change the site engine, and the site you have is large, many pages and links. The Xenu spider will collect all this information for you, to make the transfer of SEO optimized without loss of data and positions.

Web tools for seo site audit
The Xenu spider will help you see all the pages, links and pictures on the site, show meta tags of pages and photos, after the site audit you will have a report in which All pages, url and pictures, broken links and what page they are on, the speed of opening each page and server response, all redirects, documents and on which pages there are no headings at all. A spider can create a site map for any number of pages.

All the pages together with headings, key phrases, descriptives and NC, you can transfer to the semantics of the project to work with the data. After the transfer, they will be neatly grouped by page for the ability to delete unnecessary and mark important search words.

Web tools for clustering the semantic kernel
If you do not have enough keywords after audit of competitors' sites, since you have a huge website and you want to optimize it for maximum under low-frequency key phrases and medium frequency key phrases or compose for a copywriter for six months ahead.

Our database of keywords with the picker of requests and tips, I will help to find all the words that users ask on the Internet with filtering by countries and cities and transfer them to the semantics of the desired project.

For online stores in semantics, it is very convenient to cluster large semantic core.

Web tools for automation and control
The module of semantics can be connected to any CMS site and manage all the meta tags on all pages in one table, make reports and monitor the dynamics.

By connecting to the semantics of the position parser, you can see which page of the site is viewed by this search query by Google, Bing and Yandex.

Domain monitoring will control the availability of all your sites via the ICMP, HTTP and HTTPS protocols on the Internet. Controlling the presence on the site of the Google Analitics and Yandex Metrika counter code and the presence of a Google webmaster and Yandex webmastera file, if any parameter is not available, you will receive an SMS message to the phone, an email and a log entry about the problem with the date and time.

Web tools for advertising and analytics
The query picker will help you gather the maximum semantics for contextual advertising by downloading the frequency of key phrases and cost-per-click from Google Adwords into semantics. You will immediately understand which queries are valuable and which are useless.

The banner advertising module and short links will help you collect statistics on transitions and views.

Why Do We Develop Web Tools?
This set we developed specifically to improve the quality of the site.

A set of web tools for one project we give free of charge.

If you need to lead many projects then you need to rent a CRM-ERP system, then more functionality will be opened, site builder, marketing module, virtual PBX with tracking and tigers, sales crane designer for controlling sales and sales. The PR module will help improve the work with bloggers and social networks.


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