Virtual ip telephony


Virtual voice over ip (voip) of ATS MAGTELECOM is a modern communication service that will provide your company with reliable and intelligent communication. Simple and clear Internet telephony let you increase your sales, automate the company's work, save up to 70% for the calls, as well as profitably differ from competitors.



The main advantage of the office voip is reduction of communication costs. But at the same time ATS voip provides you a lot of possibilities, namely:

  • Multichannel phone, which allows you to get rid of interphone restrictions
  • Free interphone
  • Receiving a large bulk of calls
  • Call redirection between employees
  • Distribution and processing of incoming calls of clients according to managers assigned to them
  • Automatic phone conversation recording
  • Conversation assessment by a client
  • Storage of history and statistics of all calls

To install a cloud-based ATS, there is no need to buy expensive EXCH equipment, lay new lines or wiring inside the office. Moreover, for the purpose of your computer or mobile phone becoming an ip phone, sufficient to install an additional application.


Magerp company does not just provide quality telephony, but also tries to help your business grow. In order to improve the quality of work with clients, we offer you integration of the cloud-based ATS with a CRM system. Therefore:

  • Client's name and information about him/her will be displayed in the CRM.
  • In the course of conversation, your employees will be able to promptly record calls, confirm, work with offers and attract new clients
  • Each call will be automatically committed to the CRM
  • New clients are automatically added to the database

Thus, you will be able to systematize all information about your clients, keep appeal statistics and application list and develop a base of potential clients.

For the convenience of working with the database, we have developed an intuitive interface; meanwhile setup of a virtual ATS does not require any special technical knowledge. In addition, we provide round-the-clock technical support to our clients and if there is any problem or you have any question, you can call us or contact by e-mail.

Rent ATS:

Пакет Бизнес 3 линии 160 грн/мес
Пакет Бизнес 6 линий 320 грн/мес
Пакет Бизнес 9 линий 480 грн/мес


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