Task module capabilities

Task Module Features

The task module is designed to help you accomplish the most things. The module makes it possible to control the execution of a large number of tasks.

The task calendar always guides you about business for today or the future, and a convenient pop-up reminder will not let you forget about it.

The task can be assigned to any client or transaction.

The task can be placed on any page of the crm system without transitions to additional tabs, as well as in the customer's card, in transactions and in the task module.

The task can be set deadline, time limit for execution, add files, task type, comments, add observers to the task in which this task will also be displayed.

In the task book all tasks are displayed in the tabs: All active tasks | Assignments for me | My tasks | Observer | To check | Archive.

Convenient grouping of tasks on clients and tagging will help with sorting tasks.

Advanced task search.

You can delegate to another employee or make a new one based on the old one.

Notification by mail or sms.

Report on tasks and clients without tasks, by types and employees

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