CRM system for the marketer


CRM marketing

Useful tools for working with projects

1.    Requests collecting
2.    Semantics
3.    Parser of positions
4.    Monitoring the positions of competitors' sites
5.    Control of the relevance of the page relative to the retrieval request
6.    Tracking on what requests which pages are promoted by competitors
7.    Web-site Dynamics
8.    Projects and transactions
9.    Convenient control of the project submission deadlines. There is a link for the customer that he can use to control at what stage the development is.
10.    Audit of the site Xenu Pro
11.    Site checking for broken links with transition to the page where there are broken links, broken pictures, file and email, server response, page load speed, site optimization (meta tags: title, keyword, descriptions) – with the option to transfer into semantics, optimization of which was gained after Parsing,
12.    Duplicates of pages
13.    Types of pages on the web-site
14.    Page size
15.    Nesting level
16.    Page encoding
17.    Web-site checking for optimization
18.    Competitor's audit for optimization and errors
19.    Web-site Map
20.    Web-site test mobilfrend – (test for speed and mobile adaptation of mobilfrend with the output of errors and recommendations)
21.    Banner advertising
22.    Monitoring is a web-site ping for its availability for users under protocols ICMP, HTTP, HTTPS, checking for the code of Google Analytics and Yandex metrics, Google files and Yandex webmasters files, email notifications and SMS messages on the site's downfall or disappearance of files or code
23.    URL base
24.    Short links
25.    Conversion Tracking
26.    UTM tags
27.    Personal cabinet for customers
28.    Base of potential clients
29.Grabber email
30.Automation of commercial offers and documents
31.Periodic accounts

Uploading all data to exel and notification about the site status by email and phone.

CRM system can be connected to any service that has such a feature, for example to the service,,,, etc.


Marketing CRM for web studio and developers consists of modules:


web tools

A set of web tools to improve the quality of the site in search engines. This set of modules will help you to analyze in detail the sites of your competitors & nbsp; and make search optimization on your site better.


Module marketing

A set of tools for webmasters and marketers, Detailed audit of the site with the ability to transfer all links and meta tags to your project, Selection of word searches with the ability to transfer query groups to the semantics of the project, Semantics - in this module you can see what request the page sees, automatically displays the results in dynamics and semantics, Monitoring of domains and files on the site, banner advertising, short links.


Module clients

The module allows you to maintain a single base, create quick deals, a funnel designer for transactions will increase sales and control, a quick ring will speed up the work of managers


Task module

The task module is designed to help you accomplish the most things. The module makes it possible to control the execution of a large number of tasks. The calendar


Module for mail

To CRM-ERP, you can connect any number of mail accounts with division by department, in any department you can connect any number of boxes. All correspondence with the client.


Distribution module

Module for full-fledged sms and email marketing. For distribution, you can create your own letter templates, subscriber groups, mailing list scheduler, Exclusion from the mailing list at the address or domain.


Knowledge Base Module

The database for storing files and photos, the Test Designer gives you the opportunity to create your own tests and text and pictures for testing the staff. Tests can be sent


Module reports

In the CRM-ERP system there is a set of reports, for each configuration and module. The KPI report will help monitor the funnels of transactions and customers, will show the effectiveness of each employee

To fully automate business processes, control sales and increase potential traffic to the site, connect additional modules to your account.



Set of WEB tools

Free implementation of CRM-ERP system and 30 days as a gift

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