CRM system for the SRT, will help you to adjust the relationship with the client and increase your repeated and additional sales, as you will not forget to call the customer back and remind you that he has TO a few days later. The whole history of communication with the client is saved in the client card..


Booking Calendar

In the booking module you can add all your masters and conveniently manage their time.

CRM, one hour before the reception, can notify the customer by sending a reminder of the visit to your service station.

Create your own convenient graphics and monetize every hour of the company.

Price 49 hryvnia

Customer database, Reminder tasks

Convenient customer base, #tagging and customer segmentation.

The funnel designer deals.

Automatic formation of contracts and acts.

Price 249 hryvnia


Virtual PBX

A convenient call log. Missed calls will never be. The entire history of calls (with the ability to listen or download) is saved in a separate masonry on the customer's card.

Online adding a new contact or customer.

Call Tracking - will help to track the effectiveness of advertising and correctly allocate the budget of advertising companies.

Price 160 hryvnia


A convenient warehouse with a description, photo and quick search.

The system of orders with the distribution of the source (office, site, SRT-1, etc.).

Forming orders for today or by deadline.

Purchasing and accounting for settlements with suppliers

The price is 59 hryvnia

Primary Accounting

Complete primary accounting, register of accounts and acts. Cashbox. The arrivals and expenses of money. Accounting of salaries..

Connection to the customer bank and 1C.

Financial reports.

The price is 59 hryvnia.


Feedback Form Designer will allow you to collect all messages from different sites in a single system.

Call Back is a universal callback button that can be placed on any site.

A special callback button, makes a call to your manager, and after he picks up the phone, he calls the customer. In this way, the customer receives a callback within 30 seconds.

The price is 33 UAH



This configuration of the CRM system is designed to automate the sale of service stations, spare parts, periodic services.

Save costs and increase sales. Control of transactions.

Free implementation of CRM-ERP system and 30 days as a gift

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