CRM system for lawyers and lawyers


Magerp CRM for lawyers is a system that make the company more client-oriented. A common customer database, case management function, document designer, report templates and integration with mail and telephony are implemented on the basis of this module.


  • Record keeping of customer requests and their distribution among free employees. The CRM system is configured in such a way that contacts can be transferred to highly specialized legal professionals.
  • Maintenance of a common customer database with their segmentation by certain groups. Appeals, agreements, bills, lawsuits will be displayed in a single card.
  • Sales statistics and an employee performance analytics module. Heads of the legal company will be able to monitor every stage of the work of lawyers.
  • Automatic email and sms sending.
  • Integration of the system with the company's website.
  • Document designer. Required documents will be created under a template with automatic input of customer data. The company's employees will be able to get ready-made contracts, accounts, and partnership agreements and so on in just one click.
  • Task management is a function that will remind lawyers of upcoming meetings and court sessions.
  • Distribution of access to the database elements between the company's employees and departments.

The CRM for legal companies is extremely simple to be installed and implemented. Configuration tools are closely interrelated, and accordingly employees do not need to constantly switch between different services.


The CRM system makes it possible to take into account and process all appeals, record the history of interaction with customers and monitor the work of lawyers and attorneys in the company. All this will allow to:

  • Optimize the costs of legal services.
  • Increase customer loyalty and profits.
  • Improve productivity and efficiency.
  • Speed up the decision-making process.
  • Make targeted marketing activities more effective.

Customer database, document designer and meeting planning are exactly the functions that are implemented in the Magerp CRM for law companies. The system will increase customer loyalty and profits.


CRM система для юристов состоит из модулей:


Модуль для юристов

Модуль для юристов поможет вашей компании стать более клиентоориентированной. Контролировать обращения и заседания. Настроить автоматическую рассылку, вести базу клиентов и статистику продаж услуг, контролировать работу юристов и в один клик формировать документы – теперь все это возможно в рамках единой системы

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