CRM system for logistics


MAGERP CRM for logistics is a very focused solution that will help you in implementation of the companies’ tasks in the field of cargo transportation. Thanks to the system, you will be able to automate the work of department managers in customer service and order reception.

MAGERP CRM system for international or intercity logistics companies will help to:

  • Effectively manage orders;
  • Maintain a unified base of cargo carriers and vehicle fleet;
  • Interact with previous clients using reminders, sms and email-mailing;
  • Promptly respond to any requests and send orders;
  • Track the product location and provide customers with only up-to-date information about the delivery time.

A multilevel filter function is implemented at the base of the CRM system for transport logistics. Depending on the region and city of the order, cargo dimensions, required class of carriers, and having chosen the required criterion, the system will independently offer the carriers that meet the required parameters.


The solution from the MAGERP company offers you customized databases, reports and diagrams that will allow service departments, administrators and managers of various levels, to get real-time detailed and up-to-date information. The system can display on the map in online mode where your cargo is currently located. Thus, it will be possible to shorten the time for registration of orders, search for free freight carriers and process customer requests.


  • Improve the quality of customer service;
  • Provide individual attention to each customer;
  • Receive only up-to-date information about the delivery time;
  • Reduce the number of dissatisfied customers;
  • Increase the proportion of repeated calls;
  • Operatively solve the issues of undelivered cargo and missing cars.

To ensure integrated interaction with customers at all stages of the transaction, the CRM system can be integrated with the company's websites and ATS.


CRM система для логистики состоит из модулей:


Модуль для логистики

Эффективное управление заказами, отслеживание груза в режиме реального времени без покупки дополнительного оборудования на базе CRM-ERP, подключение к GPS траккерам авто-парка


Module clients

The module allows you to maintain a single base, create quick deals, a funnel designer for transactions will increase sales and control, a quick ring will speed up the work of managers


Task module

The task module is designed to help you accomplish the most things. The module makes it possible to control the execution of a large number of tasks. The calendar


Module for mail

To CRM-ERP, you can connect any number of mail accounts with division by department, in any department you can connect any number of boxes. All correspondence with the client.


Distribution module

Module for full-fledged sms and email marketing. For distribution, you can create your own letter templates, subscriber groups, mailing list scheduler, Exclusion from the mailing list at the address or domain.


Knowledge Base Module

The database for storing files and photos, the Test Designer gives you the opportunity to create your own tests and text and pictures for testing the staff. Tests can be sent


Module reports

In the CRM-ERP system there is a set of reports, for each configuration and module. The KPI report will help monitor the funnels of transactions and customers, will show the effectiveness of each employee

To fully automate business processes, control sales and increase potential traffic to the site, connect additional modules to your account.


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